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Harvesting Cycle
Harvesting cycle of olive oil The olive groves extended for almost 92 ha are subject to careful compliance with the Community framework for integrated cultivation and certification PDO.
From the end of September to the end of December be harvested olives that almost all varieties are "CAROLEA" cultivar typical of the province of Catanzaro.
In the "harvesting cycle" we can identify the following steps:

- harvesting : exclusively from the tree, for obtaining a high quality oil, takes place by mechanical means (shaker), which compared to the manual collection allow a considerable cost containment
- disposition : the olives, then, are intercepted by net suitably placed under the plants in order to avoid contact with the ground and placed in plastic boxes (250 Kg) with perforated walls to allow air circulation
- carriage : the olives that are picked the are carried in the modern oil mill "Pieralisi" to be crushed immediatly

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