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Extravirgin olive oil
Protected Designation of Origin
From the original Agricultural Society Calabrese, managed since 1951 by Giuseppe De Lorenzo, in 1974 was born the Farm & C. De Lorenzo.

which extends for more than 92 hectares in the territory of the Plains of Lamezia Terme Olivati included in the Protected Designation of Origin "Lametia ".>>
CE statement
tesoridesole protected designation of origin olive oil(Commission Regulation (EC) No 2107/1999 of 4.October.99) of Protected Designation of Origin olive oil (PdO) place the extra virgin olive oil "Lametia" among the best product in Italy. The Consortium "Lametia Dop" is the result of a desire to protect the origin and quality parameters.>>
Manufacture Cycle
Olives taken to the mill, are sent to milling in the modern continuous cycle plant "Pieralisi" working with cold extraction of the various phases. You can see the various phases of the manufacture cycle in the video below.

New Depliant
Depliant Tesoridelsole
We are happy to announce the new depliant for extravirgin olive oil Tesoridelsole and extravirgin pdo olive oil Lametia made by our company.

Depliant Lametia Dop

Depliant Lametia Dop

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