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How to know the extra virgin olive oil
The Extra Virgin Olive Oil is obtained directly from the pressing of olives by mechanical means and without recourse to chemicals, acidity, expressed as oleic acid, which does not exceed 0.8%.
In addition to the physical-chemical analyzes, made to verify their composition, the law now also provides the sensory analysis, which considers the oil from the standpoint of odor and taste, to assess strengths and weaknesses. An oil and chemically by the rules, but that has defects (rancid, heat, grime, mildew, etc..).
Does not qualify as extra virgin olive oil. In a good extra virgin, the virtues easily detected by smell, remember: the apple, the grass freshly cut, the tomato.
The taste however, reveals the sweet, bitter and spicy, with notes of almond and artichoke, which can give pleasant sensations to delight the palate of even the most skeptical.
The organoleptic analysis of an oil is made with the "Test Panel", which is a group of qualified people and qualified, who come together (coordinated by a panel leader) to taste oils, without knowing their origin and without being able to influence each other. Quality is also important for the temperature of the water used in the mill. To be able to speak of "cold extraction" of the oil, the temperature during processing should be below 27 °C.
Often we speak inappropriately of "Olive Oil" referring to a quality oil with the characteristics of extra virgin no more wrong!
In fact, olive oil is another marketing category, and is obtained from the mixture of refined oils and virgin olive oils with an acidity of less than 1%.
The oil "fine" is produced by industry, which through a chemical process (refining or correction), is able to lower the acidity of the oils of poor quality also obtained from olives harvested on the ground (lamp oil), to 0, 3% and eliminating odors.
The oil "Virgin Olive Oil" is oil that has an acidity of less than 0.8% and 2%. So when we refer to a quality oil, we always talk about Extra Virgin Olive Oil, and never instead of olive oil.

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