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Manufacture Cycle
Olives, once they arrive in the mill, are sent to the milling in the modern cycle plant continuous "Pieralisi", with cold extraction through the following phases:

- Defoliation: Defoliation olive oil pdo the olives arrive in a sorter for the eliminatio of leaves and branches. Then the olives are washed.

- Washing: Washing olive oil pdo the olives are into a tape and get in the washing machine and they are wash with cold water.

- Pressing: Pressing olive oil pdo in this stage, the olives are crushed and the result is an olive paste.

- Kneaning: kneaning olive oil pdo the olive paste, with a piston pump, is thrust in steel tubes that arrive in the kneading, that is slowly agitation of olive paste. The water not exceed the 26 degrees centigrade.

- Extraction: Extraction olive oil pdo the extraction is with centrifugation at 2 phases and half and we get the oil in the pomace. We have to add always water at the temperature of 26 degrees centigrade. The pomace is thrust in a cochlea outside and is thrust in silos.

- Separation: Separation olive oil pdo the oil must reaches the two vertical separatos: one of this is recovered a few oil that is in the vegetable water and in another separator is completely eliminated the water in the oil.

You can view the full video on the manufacture-cycle of the canal youtube or view it directly below :

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