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The Mill
Mill molinova of olive oil For the production of extra virgin olive oil, we utilize a new plant "PIERALISI" continuous cycle "MOLINOVA TG".
The new kneading group is equipped with fully independent modules made of stainless steel, with a hollow space for hot water circulation.
Each module has an inspection dome, made of shatter-proof, non-fogging glass, fitted with a safety blockage device and a new LED lighting system for easy inside inspection.
The crushing and feeding system of the kneaders is equipped with:

- A crusher placed on a support and equipped with a fume ejector and a paste collecting hopper with feeding screw conveyor
- A piston pump (or mono pump) for the transfer of the olive paste to the kneading group
- The paste distribution to the modules is operated by three-way pneumatic valves, made of stainless steel, with a special hydro-pneumatic discharging and washing system
- The basins are discharged through automatic butterfly valves.

The paste is conveyed to a screw below and then transferred to the mono pump for the feeding of the decanter.
The whole system is made of stainless steel.

The VANGUARD series centrifugal extractors, with their avant-garde technology, are the best solution in order to perform both 2- and 3-phase running. The result is: higher capacity and excellent yields.
They are a practical demonstration of total efficiency applied to olive oil extraction.

centrifugal separator MARTE automatic discharge.

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