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Oil and food
Extra virgin olive oil is the king of the Mediterranean food and with oil we can exalt the taste of simple dishes.
For the utilization of the oil we can observe these rules:

-OIL LIGHT FRUITY, is a little bit sweet and you can use this kind of oil with fish and fresh salad
-OIL FRUITY, is good with vegetable soup, grill fish and white meat
-OIL STRONG FRUITY is a kind of product good with red meat, vegetable soup and bruschetta

To fry, is better extra virgin olive oil than other kind of olive oil because it have high fatty acids monounsaturated, so it resist at high temperature.
Foods fried in extra virgin olive oil (like French fries), contain less fat and even if the oil is used repeatedly for frying, monounsaturated fatty acids present not easily undergo the processes of hydrogenation and isomerization, it being digested.
Every fat, possesses a level of tolerance to high temperatures, defined "smoke point".
Above that level thermal, glycerol, with fatty acids that form triglycerides, decomposes, forming acrolein, which is extremely harmful for the liver.
This level should not be exceeded, and in any case the extra virgin olive oil has a smoke point of the highest of all oils, tolerating temperatures close to 200 °C.

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