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What is PDO oil (Protected Designation of Origin)
Protected Designation of Origin extra virgin olive oil Protected Designation of Origin is both an opportunity for the producer and a guarantee for the consumer.
The PDO is a quality standard certification granted by the EU as a guarantee of the protected origin, the authentic taste, the typicality and the high physical-chemical characteristics that lend the oil its top quality. The certification is awarded by the EU only to high quality oils which are produced in specified areas with a high concentration of olive trees. Both the biological specifications and the name/trademark of the oils are specific to their geographical area of production.
The EC regulations classify and provides guidelines for labelling olive oils including product information to the consumers.However, this is not enough to help the consumers to choose high quality olive oils in right way. The choice is not simple. In supermarkets one can find a wide range of olive oil bottles to choose from, all varying in quality and price. Today, consumers have access to more product information through PDO labels, which will simplify his choice. The PDO certification helps the consumers to look out for extra virgin oils complying with the specifications provided and regulated by EC legilsation.
In order to be certified as PDO olive oils, the producers have to comply to the following regulations of production which controls:
- the olive growing and production area
- the area of oil making
- the stages of oil storage and bottling
- olive production techniques
- the maximum quantity of trees per hectares
- the maximum yield of olives on trees and of oil from olives
- time elapsing between olive harvesting and their pressing for oil making
- maximum temperature during the olive pressing operations
- chemical and organoleptic oil specifications
- the score assigned to the oil once tasted
Definitly, the most important factor is the quality.
PDO oils are extra virgin oils of high quality and have unique organoleptic and chemical characteristics.
The producers have to always keep in mind this objective and must comply with the EC Production Standard Provisions.
On the website of the European agricultural policies can verify the reliability of our certification PDO EEC - Agrcoltura and Rural Development and check the documentation related to the certification process itself.

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