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About us
Mill of extravirgin olive oil tesoridelsole From the original Agricultural Society Calabrese, managed since 1951 by Giuseppe De Lorenzo, in 1974 was born the Farm & C. De Lorenzo, which extends for more than 92 hectares in the territory of the Plains of Lamezia Terme Olivati included in the Protected Designation of Origin "Lametia ".
This area is particularly suited to the cultivation of olives for soil and climatic conditions, especially for the cultivar "Carolea".
The harvest begins in October by mechanical means or by stripping, and the olives are immediately pressed into the modern mill, in order to preserve their special qualities of the original fruit.
The extra virgin olive oil obtained is strictly an oil with low acidity cold pressed. The company is easily accessible, because it located 2 km from the highway A3 SA-RC, the railway station and international airport of Lamezia Terme (view map).
And is possible to visit and stay in the company, provided a picturesque old church and Roman-style aqueduct, spending days in absolute tranquility while enjoying the splendid typical Calabrian cuisine.

Below our brief description :

Name: Society De Lorenzo & C. s.s.
Trademark: I Tesori del Sole
Production: C.da Feudo - Lamezia Terme (CZ) - Italy
Consortium: Lametia PDO
WWW Italian:
Facebook: tesoridelsole
Phone: +39 0968 51065
Fax: +39 0968 418743
Mobile: +39 340 8625962
Production Manager: Dott. Antonio Filippone
Sales Manager: Dott.ssa Tiziana Filippone

Characteristics of the harvesting:

Altitude: 80 m a.s.l.
Olive groce extension: 92 ha
Olive variety: 99% Carolea - 1% Coratina
Harvesting method: Tree-shaker harvesting for century-old plants, hand harvesting for younger trees
Pressing: 2.5-phase continuous cycle cold pressing
Output (2012): 50,000 Kg
Sizes: 5 l - 0.75 l - 0.50 l - 0.25 l - 20 ml
Harvesting: From October 1
Packaging: 6 x 0.75 l bottle carton | 12 x 0.50 l bottle carton | 12 x 0.25 l bottle carton | 156 x 20 ml bottle carton | 4 can x 5 l carton

Characteristics of the end product:

Color: Intense golden yellow with warm green hues
Scent: Complex and elegant olfactory fragrances with notes of fresh country herbs and subtle hints of apple and tomato
Flavour: Well belanced with pleasant notes of bitterness and spiciness; aftertaste of almond
Maximum acidity: 0.2 - 0.3
Food pairing: Excellent with bean soups, grilled fish/meats and all Mediterranean dishes

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