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To taste the olive oil
Taste extra virgin olive oil For the consumer to taste the oil is a fun way to choose the product they prefer, finding the right value for money. You have to prepare well cause a lot depends on your physical and psychological state:
it is important not to have a cold, do not wear perfume, not taking food or coffee, factors which attenuate sensory abilities.

There are few rules to follow to find a good oil:
. pour the oil into a small glass, about a tablespoon
. heat it with the palm of your hand, to release and enhance the volatile compounds and aromatic
. smell the sample trying to capture all the sensations pleasant or unpleasant
. take the oil and suck in air with a slow and gentle suction first, then more vigorously, so as to vaporize in the mouth, bringing it into direct contact with the taste buds
. make rest a little mouth, slowly moving the tongue against the palate
. re-draw your tongue against the palate and lips half open
. eject the oil
. continue to move the tongue against the palate to the retro feel and smell

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